Frequently Asked

Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutely. We have the best warranty in the game and stand by our products 100%. We offer a Limited Lifetime guarantee on the Foot Fix Toe Spreader and a 1 Year Limited Warranty on the Bunion Sleeve Spreader. So if you have any issues just contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

I’ve been wearing toe spreaders for 14 days and haven’t noticed any change, is there something I’m doing wrong?

Just remember, it is a marathon not a sprint! Sometimes for people it simply takes time to notice changes, let alone structural changes that could take many months and years. This device is made to help with sustained long-term improvement, so be patient and enjoy the ride back to better Physical Health.

What makes yours better than other spreaders out there?

We take pride in our devices and developed these products with the intention to help people. Therefore, we offer an industry leading, Limited Lifetime Warranty on the FootFix Toe Spreader and a 1 year warranty on the Bunion Spreader Sleeve. The spreaders come in a handy storage box, so they are not easily misplaced. Our kit comes with 2 different toe spreaders (FootFix Toe Spreaders and Bunion Spreader Sleeve) for an extremely competitive price, which we feel cannot be matched. We offer amazing customer service with tons of educational information on our website.

Can I wear toe spreaders in my shoes? Do I need to wear them barefoot, or can I wear socks with them?

Yes, we encourage this. As long as your shoes fit the criteria for natural minimalist shoes (wide footbox, flat, flexible, and thin), they will be an amazing addition in them. They can be worn in combination with toe-socks as well! On a side note, they work great with open toe sandals!

What do I do if I use my toe spreaders and I have foot/knee/ankle pain?

If you have increased pain after wearing the spreaders, decrease the amount of time wearing them, especially when weight bearing. If the pain persists, speak to your health care provider to determine the root cause of your foot, ankle, or knee pain. Once this is resolved and you get medical clearance, you can safely start wearing the spreaders again.

Can I wear your products while sleeping?

Absolutely. Ideally the FootFix Toe Spreaders work best while walking around, however, sleeping with the spreaders is an easy way to increase your time in them. Ideally, only wear to sleep when you are able to tolerate the spreaders throughout the day, and if at any time you feel that your toes are swelling or feeling numb, remove them at once.

What are your products made of?

Our FootFix Spreader is made of medical grade silicone, making them pliable and resilient and are suitable to be used for repeated use. They are hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and extremely durable. Our Bunion Spreader Sleeve is made of SEBS, which is strong, flexible and durable, yet soft and comfy.

What happens if I constantly have sweaty feet, can toe spreaders cause bacteria to get trapped and cause an infection?

Our FootFix spreaders are made of medical grade silicone which is hypoallergenic. However, if you have improper foot hygiene, or misuse the spreaders this can always lead to complications including infections. Also, please do not place the spreaders over any cut or severely cracked feet.

How do you wash the toe spreaders?

Hand-wash the spreaders with lukewarm water and soap. Air dry fully. Easy as that!

Do your products come in different sizes?

Yes! Our Foot Fix Spreader comes in 2 convenient sizes. Size: Small/Medium (Approximately 10 Men/12 Women and Under) Size: Large/X-Large (Approximately 11 Men/13 Women and Over) Our Spreader Sleeve is one size fits most.

Are toe spreaders safe to use when going to the gym or do cardio?

Absolutely. Many of the people who use our Spreaders have advanced to using these during every activity in their life. If you have progressed far enough with your tolerance (especially in weight bearing) of the spreaders, they are very safe to wear while working out in the gym or any part of your day-to-day life.

Will this help my back problems?

By simply regaining control and restoring the natural alignment and function of your feet and toes, you are setting off a chain reaction that will affect posture, thereby positively affecting your hips and low back. Think of the idea of building a house on quicksand.... eventually the house will sink. Foundation is everything.

Does everyone need a toe spreader?

The short answer is "YES", in our opinion everyone can benefit from the use of our Toe Spreader and/or Bunion Sleeve Spreader. Now if by some slim chance you have spent your life in bare feet or barefoot style shoes, and any traditional tapered, tight constricting footwear that have aided in destroying your feet then you may be ok but then I bet you wouldn't be reading this. LOL But seriously, these spreaders can help most people!! Ask your healthcare profession if these are right for you, and if they don feel that way, please ask them why!

If I currently have orthotics, is it safe for me to use toe spreaders?

Absolutely. One of the goals of the Foot Fix spreaders is to regain your natural foot health, thus negating the need for chronic use of orthotics. Of course, the weaning of your orthotic use should be done slowly and under the guidance of your health care professional, but this would be the ultimate goal. However, during your use of orthotics, the spreaders can definitely be used.

I have already had bunion surgery. Should I still use your spreaders?

Yes! Unfortunately, bunions can return even after surgery, especially if you choose to go back to the shoes and lifestyle habits that caused the bunions in the first place. So, it's very important to change these habits and wear our spreaders to help to maintain proper big toe position. Of course, please let your surgeon or rehabilitation professional know you are using these if they haven’t already prescribed them for you!

What causes the feet to require spreaders?

Years of wearing traditional tapered, narrow, and heeled footwear (running, athletic and dress shoes) that cause the foot to conform to the shape of the shoe! The toes crowd together, creating severe foot problems and dysfunction, resulting in pain to the feet and then spreading to the ankles knees, hips and back.

How do I use each type of spreader?

Both devices work similarly but have some major differences. Our medical grade FootFix Toe Spreader works best when weight bearing and due to the natural alignment, they are best as your first option when initially wearing toe spreaders. They easily fit in shoes and are so light and comfortable that some people tell us they forget they are even wearing them! The Bunion Spreader Sleeve is used by many people looking to decrease forefoot impact when transitioning into barefoot shoes. It gently compresses the forefoot and arch to decrease forefoot swelling, all the while gently spreading the toes to still reap all the benefits that toe spreaders bring.

Are the toe spreaders hard to put on and take off?

Using both hands, place the device between the corresponding toes until comfortable. For the Sleeve, same as above, simply pull the sleeve all the way down and gently stretch it for a snug, comfortable fit. Remember practice makes perfect so it will get easier!

Can you explain in detail how to break them in?

Of course! Start by using your toe spreaders in short periods and slowly and progressively increase how much time you use them for. Start with 45 mins per day and increase slowly. Increase by 15 minutes a day until you feel comfortable wearing them for a longer period of time. After regaining some initial mobility in your toes, you can now wear them while your out and about during the day (the best for long term success!) and then while sleeping! If you don’t wish to wear them at nighttime, then simply place them back in the storage box and put them back on in the morning! If you want to give your toes a breather but still want to provide relief for a sore bunion and mid-foot, then simply wear our Bunion Spreader Sleeve whenever you feel like it! Same advice applies, wear 45 mins a day initially until your body becomes accustomed to it!

How long until I see results with my foot concerns?

The majority of people will see quick relief. However with continued improvements occurring in the feet, ankles, knees, and low back as time goes on. Like anything in life these outcomes will vary, and of course it’s multifactorial. These include your age, the severity of your pre-existing conditions, activity level, amount of time spent in minimalist footwear and the spreaders, and also the genetic makeup of your soft tissue and bones. As far as for any structural changes in the foot, since in most cases, it took years to get to the position you find yourself in now, it will take time to reverse all these changes. Therefore, consistent use of the spreaders is necessary to yield results. If consistency is achieved in both weight bearing and when sleeping, visible results can be achieved in a few months of steady use and may continue over the coming years.

What is a toe spreader?

Our Toe spreaders, are devices that are easily placed comfortably between the toes to gradually transform your foot function. Fundamental foot changes create a more natural, wider base of support, thereby enhancing balance, strength, mobility, proprioception, and positively affecting your entire upstream body mechanics.

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