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At FootFix, we are dedicated to helping people regain proper function of their feet through products and education for overall physical well-being. We understand that there is a need for better foot care products and are committed to providing our customers with relief from foot pain and discomfort.

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Benefits of Toe Spreaders

Woman wearing footfix bunion toe spacers and performing knee ups


Our spreader helps realign toes to their natural shape and stretches out muscles for improved stability and posture.

A close up shot of a woman wearing the footfix bunion toe spacers


Blood circulation and movement to the toes are encouraged through the spreader and help restore natural foot function.

A woman slides her toes into the bunion toe spacer from FootFix with the toe spacer kit in the background.


In conjunction with foot exercises, foot muscles become stronger thanks to the spreader which helps alleviate pain and improve balance.

Success Stories

What our members say

I've been wearing the FootFix toe spreaders at home to do my chores as well as wearing them in my runners. It provides nice cushioning at the forefoot while gently spacing my toes, and also provides great relief of the pain and discomfort on the bottom of my feet!

A. Mohamed
Satisfied Customer

The knowledge behind FootFix is the distinguishing and unmatched feature of their product. The guidance and service provided for these comfortable, high-quality toe spreaders make for an excellent product experience. You don't even realize you're wearing them!

DJ Guzda
Satisfied Customer

I love this toe spreader kit. These spreaders help patients improve not only the alignment of their toes, gait, postural relationship, balance issues, and best of all it relieves pressure on nerves. They are simple to put on and comfortable. I'm a huge fan!

Karis Kolybabi
Osteopathic Manual Therapist (DOMP)

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